Saturday, April 24, 2010

Keys to a happy life

Mmm.  Lovely sunny day, I thought to myself this morning.  How shall I spend it?

With lots of work related items jiggling for my attention, I went for the self-indulgent option.

I dug the folding lounger out from the basement shed and carried it into the grounds of the estate, just below the balcony.  The only other things I took with me were my WIP, a bottle of water and a pencil.

Luxury.  Time passed as the sun moved across the sky throwing my chair into shadow.
No matter. I was too busy to move, lost in the craft.

First Born and his friend passed saying they were hungry.  I chucked them my keys and told them to help themselves.
Little Guy kissed me goodbye as he headed off for a friend's party.
The sun moved behind the block, throwing me into deeper shadow.

Scribble, edit, polish ...

What time is it?  Already?  Missed lunch.  I really ought to eat something.  Could do with a pee too.  Suppose I should go in ...

And that's the point I realised that FB hadn't returned my keys.
But that he was outside.
And the keys were inside.
And Little Guy had locked the balcony door.
And hadn't taken his own keys with him to the party.
And G was out for the day.
And no one has any spare keys.

A combination of helpful neighbours, a step ladder and a small child not too scared to be fed through a tiny window means that I'm now able to tell you about this several hours later. 

From now on, no one gets my keys.  No one.  If they haven't got their own, tough.  They're hungry?  Tough.  Need the toilet?  Tough.  Next time, maybe they'll think more carefully.  Harumph!


Queenie said...

Oh, Debi, oh no!!! Hilarious (for us readers).

John T said...

My sympathy is with the small child through the window, Debi! I once had to climb in through a toilet window to rescue my 3yr old, who had locked himself in and lost the key. No key visible anywhere. Diplomacy didn't work - he'd forgotten where he put it. I posted him back through the window - he fitted beautifully, unlike me. Then I checked down the loo - still no key. After about half an hour and with my thoughts turning to magic or science fiction, I unscrewed the trap on the sink,found the key and let myself out. He had posted it through the sink overflow. Trust him to be original. He's now a 20yr old student, and as eccentric as ever.

Emma Darwin said...

Debi, how about leaving a set with me?

Sue Guiney said...

Oh God, this is too much. My husband got locked in the garden once. He still hasn't forgiven the (non-family) member who did it 15 years ago. But he's a lot more prickly than you.

Jenny Beattie said...

Very funny for us though. I tried to feed a two year old through a window once for very similar reasons (other than I had been the twit to shut the door without the keys) and she FLATLY refused. In fact, she howled blue murder and I had to climb on the composter and squeeze through a much too tiny window to rescue the keys myself! I still remind her of this incident. I can't let go.

Debi said...

Queenie - does it ever worry you that you find my misfortunes so funny???

John - that's wonderful. Trumps my experience.

Emma - a very good idea. I was on the point of popping in to use your loo when the small window/smaller child tactic worked.

Sue - don't be so sure!

JJ - don't blame you in the least. You never know when you might need a good guilt trip.

Karen said...

I've SO been in this situation! Always have a key hidden in a top secret location now, just in case :o)

Queenie said...

Debi, I find EVERYONE'S misfortunes funny, sorry, it's a terrible character flaw!

Debi said...

Karen - not many secret locations in a council block, sadly.

Queenie - I consider it an asset, not a flaw.

Meloney Lemon said...

You guys and keys !!!!!!!