Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Wonderful World of the Web

Isn't this amazing?

Here I am writing these words.

And there you are, reading them.

We're reaching out to each other.
Forming bonds.
And new relationships.

And sometimes those relationships cross over into the Real World.
And we become good friends.

A few years ago none of this would have been possible.

But it can work in the other direction too.

Take J for example.

He was my first boyfriend.
I was 15.
We split up, but then met up again a few years later.
And became close friends.
But then drifted apart again.

I last saw him 28 years ago.

A couple of months ago, J was idly Googling names from his past.
As you do.
He came across this.

He emailed me.
I replied.

Today we met for coffee.

We had a lot of catching up to do.

He's been with the gorgeous F for 32 years.
I've been with G for 15.
He has 4 kids.
I have 2.
He's a criminal lawyer.
I'm a criminal.

It was great.

Thank you Web!


Anonymous said...

In any communication, a thing says to one person quite a different thing from what it says to another, but writing, in essence, is communication; and communication is the only access to love. Carson McCullers.

Unknown said...

Well quoted John.
Got any other skeletons lurkin' about Ms Debi 'the axe' Alper?

Anonymous said...

"He's a lawyer and I'm a criminal" -- LOVE IT!

Saaleha said...

I love the lawyer criminal bit too :-) But isn't it heartwarming to discover that your friends have ended up happy?

Debi said...

Thanks all.

Great quote, John.

Minx - I always did like skeletal men.

Susan and Saaleha - at least if I get arrested as a result of that bit I now know a good lawyer!