Saturday, December 09, 2006

The story so far ...

Met the Minx at Paddington yesterday afternoon.

'Gasping for a fag,' she said.
Went to great outdoors and sparked up. 2 limos + police outriders draw up in front of us.
Princess Anne (I kid you not) gets out of limo 1. She forgets to ask Minx for her autograph. Bet she's kicking herself now ...

Back home. Minx plays on my laptop. She manages to wipe off my email a/c and replace it with her own while I'm in the kitchen cooking. Then she repairs that and spends a long time Googletalking with various strange people.

Bed in wee small hours.

In morning (this morning) she had dyslexic First Born jumping up and down doing exercises and shouting. He produced best homework ever!

Then she abducted both my children.

You'll hear more as soon as I know it myself ...

She's back! Having corrupted them with cake ...


Unknown said...

I did no such thing,
Your children are a delight and needed only a little persuasion from the witch in their midst! Hah!

Cake is good for the soul boys - don't listen to your mum!

Anonymous said...

Cake is good for the soul boys - don't listen to your mum!

There, now two of us have said it so it has to be true :-)

pilgrim said...

nice to meet you all last evening!


Anonymous said...

Cake is good for the Soul Boys. Get on up. Like a blogging machine..!

Yours inanely,
Meloney Lemon

It was great to meet the folk from cyberspace.

Unknown said...

I am a bad cake-stuffing Minx - I think they love me now!

Lovely to meet you as well Meloney Lemoney - what a great evening!