Friday, December 08, 2006

Can you believe it? Yet MORE treats ...

It's just been confirmed that Martin Millar is going to be at the event on Saturday!

Martin's first novel came out in 1987 and since then he's had around 16 books published, the best known being The Good Fairies of New York, which has just been re-issued in the USA . It won't be available in Britain until March next year, although the Crow is able to import the American editions.

On parking for the event: Jon at the Crow tells me this:

Sainsbury's is open until 9pm which means the covered car park with lifts etc, is open until 9.30pm. The uncovered part next to it, is open all the time. There is a limited amount of on-street parking around the triangle - better on Church Road, but that may be quickly taken because Sat night and lots of restaurants etc.

See you there!

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pundy said...

Debi, I'm staggered at the amount of work you've put into this. Minx is really, really lucky to have you as a friend. Mind you, she's worth it, isn't she.

Good luck with the evening - I'm sure it'll be a huge, famous, rip-roaring success.