Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wandering Scribe

Thanks to Minx, I've just come across the Wandering Scribe - a homeless woman who has been living in her car for several months and dealing with all kinds of stress and distress.
There has been a lot of cynicism and doubt along the lines of Is She for Real or Are We Being Manipulated?
Personally I have no doubt. Oh and she writes beautifully ...
Check her out and make up your own mind.


Wobblingscruffbag said...

This is a blog of a REAL homeless chap.

Monday, May 08, 2006

What a fucking weekend! Couldn't get on a computer coz the Libraries are closed on Sundays, unless you're living in a fucking car that is. Anyway, This morning I saw a big case in back of a car, so I smashed the window and stole the cunt. Turns out there was a laptop in it, and it's got WIFI, so I can go online any cunting time I want, Fucking bastard result!
It's been fucking pissing down all day today and the Library wouldn't let me in, so I smacked the old cunt in the face for stopping me. Ended up in a laundrette to keep warm. As fucking usual, every cunt was staring at me and pulling faces. This one bitch kept tutting in my direction, so I got my cock out and waved it at her, telling her to suck it. She legged it out of the place, leaving her clothes in the dryer, so I dropped my pants and shit a wet turd on to the floor, then I picked it up and tossed it into her dryer. After only a couple of minutes the place started to stink of hot shit, and it was too much for me, and all the other cunts who ran for the door. I robbed three handbags and left. I ended up with over 200 quid. Fucking brill!

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Friday, May 05, 2006
A new me

Passed out this afternoon after drinking two, 2.5 Litre bottles of White Lightning. Woke to find I've shit myself yet again. I'm getting good at this, but I'm sick of my underpants sticking to my arse on a half inch layer of shit, So, I decided to get some new togs. Watched a woman hanging out her washing, and waited 15 minutes to make sure she was busy in the house, and over the fence I went. I took off my old gear and wiped the thick layer of shit off myself with a couple of shirts she hung out. I put aside a shirt and a few pairs of pants and sock for myself, and then wiped every other bit of washing over my shitty arse. I got changed, and then gathered up the shitty laundry, and knocked on her back door. when she came out I told her she did a fucking terrible job on the pile of clothes I was holding, and that she needed to do the cunts again, and pushed them into her arms before fucking off back over the fence to find new adventures.
Though I can't feel the shit so much, I can still smell it, so it will still help when I'm scrounging money or food.
I have to say, that apart from the shitty fingerprints on this shirt, I look like a new man!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Fucking pigs

Fucking Library staff kept asking me to leave yesterday coz I was 'Upsetting other Library users", so I went round the Library telling the "other Library users" to eat my shit, and suck my cock and so on, and to try and make me fucking leave. None of the cunts did, but the head Library wallah called the Police on me, so I dropped my pants and shit on the floor, then I picked some of it up and slammed it down on the nearest table, to the screams of the tables occupants. What a fucking laugh! Anyway, then the fucking pigs came, and said they were arresting me for a breach of the peace, and I said it was the breach of my arse that did the deed, so they should deal with that and leave me the fuck alone. Well, that got me a few smacks around the head, and me saying I fucked one of the coppers sisters got me a smack in the gob, the cowardly fucking cunts!
Well, I got a night in the cells, but no breakfast, unless you call a mild kicking on the floor of the cell breakfast. All coppers are cunts! Well, later after they kicked me out, I found a dead cat, so I made a bit of a fire on some wasteland and cooked the cunt. It tasted fucking horrible, but it did the trick. After that, I went to the house of the old lady who's dog I killed and knocked on her door, and when she answered I chinned the cunt.
Ended up having to find a different Library so I could type this shit out, but not before shitting on the steps of the old one! I really showed those cunts!

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Post nosh time

Scoffed two pork pies and a packet of cooked ham before one of the staff told me to get out. Snotty fucking bitch! Wait till she finds out I shit in one of the cold display cabinets, and hid it behind three tubs of Clover. After that things got boring, till I came across a bloke in a wheelchair talking on a mobile phone. They say there is always someone worse off than you, and he certainly was after I punched him square in the nose and robbed his fags out of his pocket and took the phone out of his hand! I always like a smoke after dinner.
I never had a mobile before but this one was covered in his blood, so I ran it under a tap in the public shithouse, and it doesn't do a thing now. I always said those fucking things were useless.
Think I'll go and stand outside BurgerKing for a bit so I can mingle with the public. My arse is really starting to itch something fucking terrible.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Thursday 3 of May.

Had a great night fucking bricks and stones through peoples windows. I can't run as fast as I used to, must be the drink and the encrusted shit inside my trousers. I managed to stuff some dog shit, and a little of my own through the letterbox of that old cunt whose dog I killed earlier , and then I did her windows too, what a fucking laugh!
I went into a chip shop, but they wouldn't serve me, so I hung around outside and followed a young couple till they gave me their chips so I would go away, but I held out and kept following till the cunts gave me four quid, easy fucking money! Later I found a breezeblock, and did the chip shop window with it. They need to learn that the customer is always right, no matter how shit covered he may be.
Oh well, I think I'll go into Sommerfield and eat a couple of pies in there and then fuck off. I deserve some grub, I've had a busy night. I'm going now coz I really need a shit.

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Soon be tea time. I must check the library bins for scraps. I've scrounged enough cash enough for some more White Lightning. As the shit dried on my underpants it started to smell less, but the wiff was still enough to send people running. An old ladies dog started yapping at me earlier, so I kicked it a few times, and that shut the little cunt up. He's stopped moving, as well as yapping, and then the old bitch started screaming. That drew a crowd, so I didn't get to give her a kicking. I think I'll just put shit through her letter box. It's such a nice sunny day, I might go into the woods for a wank.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Well, I got most of the shit off, but it seems to be stuck fast under my fingernails. Oh well.
Getting more money today, coz people want me to go away coz of the smell of shit. I should shit my pants more often. The people here in the library keep looking at me and whispering to each other. I think I'll go and sit with them. I must say that this keyboard is filthy. There are nasty brown stains all over it!

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Starting the day.

Woke up lying face down on the pavement. Found I've shit myself again. I've got to stop drinking that fucking Cider. As I sit here on a park bench, watching the early morning sun glint off the water in the duck pond, I wonder to myself, how the fuck am I going to clean the shit off that has spread all over my arse. Maybe I should have thought of that before sitting down.
I tried talking to a young mother who was pushing a baby buggy along the path. I wanted to ask her if she could spare a few shillings, but all that came out was "fuggah bazdad!" Hardly eloquent.
At least I'm not hungry this morning, thanks to the vomited up vindaloo I found on a bus shelter floor. Well, I'd better do something about this shit.

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Unknown said...

I think Mr Wibble Pop has issues don't you?
What a shame he hides behind an annonymous posting - still he's quite good at spelling, for his age!!

Unknown said...

Just been over to Mr Wobblingscruffbag, who posted before I did. What a loser, seems he has to comment on his own blog - saddo!!

Debi said...

Can I say, Scruffy, you've given me quite a laugh this morning. Really enjoyed your comments.
The world would be so boring if there weren't people like you in it to feed my imagination and provide me with characters to work on. Of course any fictional creation based on you would need to be a little more interesting, but still ... every little seed ...
You've also made me question whether I want to delete posts like yours. Ah, the power ... But I've decided to leave them up so others can have a laugh ...

Unknown said...

Sorry Debi, have only just read your comment about 'linking' on a previous post.
If you go into Blogger Help it will give you instructions. You have to put up the relevent http's on your template - scared me stupid at first but once you've done one you just follow the same pattern each time. If you leave anything out then it just doesn't work and you go back and check it again. Trust me, it's quite easy, I can almost add them in my sleep now and I'm certainly not techi minded!!
I admire your stance on the above twat, I'm sure he'll soon get another life.
Would also like to know a bit more about you - hah! that's good coming from the mysterious Minx!!
What do you write?

Anonymous said...

I was once a homeless person living in a car! True. Honest. With three kids and a dog! I didn't write though. No room.

Maxine Clarke said...

I've just come over here via Minx, and your comments on her posting about Wandering Scribe.
See what you all mean about wobbling scruffbag!
I once had someone put a comment on Petrona which linked to pictures of men bending over sticking their bottoms at the camera. I am afraid I deleted that.
Like your blog, and your attitude, Debi!
All my best
Maxine. (aka Petrona)

Debi said...

Minx - thanks for instructions re links.
Note to self: Get round to doing this!
Sharon - blimey! Think it would be the dog that would do me in! I was made homeless when I was 7 months pregnant - all of which goes to show people should ditch their generalisations and stereotypes about homeless people (or anyone else for that matter).
Maxine - welcome. Your story reminds me of when we used to be wedding photographers and one Scottish groom and all his family and mates wore kilts. I'd just lined them all up for the 'blokes' pic when they wheeled round as one, bent over and lifted their kilts! Thereby answering an age old question. No - they don't wear pants underneath!

Debi said...

Me again, Minx. Typically of me, I forgot to respond to your question re what I write. (One of these days I might begin to get the hang of this self-promotion malarkey!)
Anyway, if you head over to my website you can find details of the 2 books published so far (Nirvana Bites and Trading Tatiana) the 2 with my agent (De Nada Nirvana and Me, John and a Bomb) and the one I'm (supposed to be) writing now.

Anonymous said...

The dog was the least of my problems! Actually, thinking about it, we had a rat in a cage too. It's amazing what you can fit into a small Hyundai Pony (about the size of a Golf). I was also given notice when I was about 8 months gone (different time) and had to move when the baby was 7 days old (2 days after coming out of hospital). Luckily I'd manage to find somewhere during that time. 17 time in all I've moved - but y'know, for all the stress there's been, I don't think I'd change much. It's been full of expriences and my daughter said to me the other day: "All the shit we've had to put up with has taught me to appreciate everything I have". :)

Debi said...

Your daughter is so right, Sharon. (Chip off the block, eh?) Sometimes it's hard while you're living through the shit to see how it could be positive, but it's all part of life's rich pattern!
As parents we're desperate to protect our kids but at the same time we know there's no such thing as a pain-free life and you often get more from the bad times than the good ...