Sunday, September 09, 2012

York - the morning after the night before

Groveling apologies to anyone who might have been expecting a post yesterday.  What can I say in my defense?  Anyone who has been to York will know about the legendary gala dinner on Sat nights.  Nuff said.

I've snatched a brief few minutes to post while I'm waiting for my next 1-1s to arrive.  So all I have time to say now about yesterday is that Jojo Moyes rocks - brilliant speaker, lovely person - and that I was deafened by the sound of pennies dropping in my Psychic Distance workshop and by the applause coming from the other workshops.  I also had 3 hrs of back-to-back 1-1s and met some wonderful writers, some of whose books I fully expect to see published in the next couple of years.

As for the gala ... I think the less said the better at this point.  Needless to say, there was far too much alcohol consumed for this particular lightweight.  There will be photos.  At some point.  Maybe. 


Anne said...

I was amused by the identical looks of horror on your face and Emma Darwin's when I pointed out that it was twenty past midnight....or half past by the time I met you!

Whisks said...

You poor thing. Quit blogging and gaze at the ducks until you feel better. Very restful. Ducks are the answer.

Sue Guiney said...

This has always sounded like such a great event. I'm glad it's going so well this year!

Debi said...

Anne - and the sad thing is, it was still some time before I actually got to bed.
Whisks - I seemed to have even less time for duck-gazing than in previous years. All good though.
Sue - hard to believe that each year surpasses the previous ones.

Unknown said...
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