Thursday, September 06, 2012

Watch this space

By this time tomorrow, I should have arrived in York for the Festival of Writing.

In previous years, I've live blogged the Festie.  See archives here for 2010 and here for 2011.  You might need to do a bit of scrolling and clicking to see all the posts.

This year, I have a particularly packed schedule (self-edit mini course, 2 workshops and 4 hours of Book Doctor sessions).  I'll also be posting on Facebook, Twitter and WordCloud.  In the name of mass coverage (and being aware of potential shattered nerves) I'm going to attempt some brief blog posts too so that those who aren't there can share the vibe.

Wish me luck ... and if you're going to be there, mine's a G&T. ;-)

1 comment:

Whisks said...

Luck and loads of it! We have G&Ts back at the ranch, if you change your mind about going. No? guess I'll have to drink yours, then.
Look forward to whatever posts you can manage. Don't kill yourself, though. Please.