Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm cheating here because this isn't a post as such, just a series of links.  And some of them are links to posts that consist mostly of ... links to posts.  Allow me to justify why this qualifies as the most Boring but Useful post on my blog.

I'm one week into the online self-editing course I'm running together with Emma Darwin on behalf of the Writers' Workshop.

It's going really well.  Writers of all ages and in all genres, living in different continents and environments, all working together with the same aim: to produce the best possible writing.  Love it, love it, love it.

In my feedback, I kept finding myself wanting to link to a blog post.  If you're reading this, you'll know that, unlike Emma's blog, this isn't a lit blog as such. It's a hotchpotch mishmash soupy stew of rants mixed with tips and info, seasoned with a dash of laughter and with some spicy personal details sprinkled over the top.

In amongst this seemingly random jumble, there are some posts about the writing process but each time I want to link to them, I have to spend ages sieving through the other stuff to track them down.

So here are the links to the last couple of years' lit posts, all served up on one platter. 

Success Stories
Sean Walsh
Catherine Cooper
The Thickest Skin  (Jason Wallace - a prizewinner after 100 (!) rejections)
A Tale of Two Authors (Shelly Harris and Roger Hardy)

Why write?
Reasons for writing

Dear ... Me ....

Festival of Writing posts
York 2011
York 2010 - check posts in April 2010

The Rule Breaker
The Rule Hater

The writing process
The writing gardener
The writing addict
Anyone Else Feel a Draft in Here?
Debi Does Quantum
Naming characters

Writer or Thief?


Sean said...

Nice to be seen as a success story:)!

Tony James Slater said...

Wow. CHEAT! Although it's a good idea for a post, I'll consider it myself - when I have enough posts to be worth categorizing! Meanwhile it seemed polite to show my support. I can also now go through all your posts relevant to me (ie, are writing-based) without the risk of stumbling onto something so spicy it'd make me reach for a glass of milk. Hm. Might I suggest your next post: A list of all the blog entries involving spicy personal stuff? Coz that's really why we're all here :0)
Who's with me?

Debi said...

Sean - oh, but you are. And you will be even more so.

Tony - you'll just have to trawl through, I'm afraid. You might need a banana or two to give you the energy.