Saturday, March 27, 2010

Debi's Deafisms

Part 2 in an occasional series giving an insight into my muffled world.

Two for you today - to make up for my absence recently due to pressure of work.

Emma:  I'll talk to my next door neighbours, Sam and Alan.
Me:  Your next door neighbours have salmonella?

Ring at doorbell.  I open door to see 5 small children, aged 5-7.
Guliz (spokesperson):  Hello, Debi.  Sorry to disturb you.  We were wondering if you could possibly let us have one very small potato.
Me:  Oh.  Sure.  Just hang on there a minute.
Thinks:  potato prints?  Potato gun?  Sweet.
Me:  Here you go, guys.  The smallest potato I could find.
Children:  Sideways glances at each other.  Feet shuffling.  Obvious discomfort.
Me:  Is there a problem?
Guliz:  Um, well that's very kind of you, Debi.  Thank you.  Only what we wanted was a small container.
Marie-Lise:  Can I have the potato anyway?


Liane Spicer said...

Sorry, Debi, but I'm rolling on the floor here!

Queenie said...

Oh, Debi - I love these, although they come from a sad thing. Part of the magic of writing, eh? x

Debi said...

It's all part of finding the balance, innit?

For every tear there's a smile, for every rant, a chuckle ...