Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mega lit post

There's so much going on lit-wise that any of the following would be justified in having its own post, but I'm grouping them together here.

First off, I know many of you are as yet unpublished.
Just as I know that many of you are talented writers who deserve to be published.

One way to get recognition for your words is to enter competitions.
In which case, you might be interested in the Brit Writers' Awards Unpublished 2010.

There are adult and child categories for novels, short stories, poems and songs with a whopping £10,000 prize.
There is a one-off admin fee of £10.95 and you can make as many submissions as you like once you've paid that. Entry rules and conditions are here.
I've been asked to be on the panel of judges for the adult novel category.
Judging criteria here.

Ding ding. Next please.

How do you fancy a whole weekend devoted to writing?
Would it help to know there is an amazing line up of authors, editors and agents?
That it will be held on the campus of the fabulous York University with en suite accommodation and all meals provided?
That the price for the full weekend also includes all events on the programme, your choice of workshops and 3 one-to-one slots where you can directly pitch your writing to a top agent?
That there is also a one day option or a mini course on the Friday?
If so, welcome to the Festival of Writing 2010 which will take place next April.

I've been asked to lead a workshop and, together with Emma Darwin, run the mini-course.
Tickets on sale from 1st November.

And the next one please ...

Remember Hoovering the Roof, the anthology by members of the East Dulwich Writers' Group?
It's all systems go. The book is in the final stages before going off to print.

We have a launch event planned for Thursday 26th November at the Bookseller Crow on the Hill, my fave indie bookshop.
Details nearer the time.

Last orders please ...

And last but by no means least, Richard Woodhouse, long-standing and multi-talented member of the writers' group, will be reading from his novel, Deathless, at a Halloween event on Wednesday 28th October at Brockwell Lido.

The event, Dark Waters, is organised by One Eye Grey.
See here for details.


Anonymous said...

Debi: Thanks for the info about British Writers' Awards. I almost ignored it, assuming that I wouldn't be eligible, but it turns out I am. Also, I've just noticed I'm on your blogroll. So, thanks again. ~Miriam

Debi said...

Of course you are on my blogroll, Miriam!

日月神教-向左使 said...
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