Monday, July 06, 2009

You couldn't make it up ...

I had the weirdest weekend ...

I met ... the man who knocked FB off his bike back in Dec.

I met him at ... a barmitzvah party in north London.

The party was one which a year ago we wouldn't have been invited to due to a family rift that's been in place since 1983 and only recently healed.

The driver is a very close friend of that side of the family and has been since just before the rift happened.

Our last email exchange dated 21st April:
I don’t know if you’ve been informed, but am sure you would like to know that I have received a cheque from your insurers on (FB)’s behalf.
I understand that this whole procedure has happened much faster than is commonly the case and I have no doubt that is entirely down to you not contesting (FB)’s version of events. We are and always will be grateful to you for facilitating the process. It is clear to me that you are a decent and good-hearted man and I am only sorry that we had to encounter one another under such circumstances.
I wish you and your family well for the future and thank you again for all you have done to minimize the trauma of the accident.
With warmest wishes.

His reply:
Very good to hear from you and that all has worked out. My insurers did not inform me even though I had asked them to and expressly requested them to act efficiently.
Most importantly (FB) is well.
Please send him my regards and maybe some day our paths will cross but on a happier note.
Stay well and regards

If this was written in fiction, it would be described as a credibility-stretching coincidence.

Truth. Stranger. Fiction. :shock:


Saaleha said...

Don't I know the feeling. Since being at Lazeeza's I've felt as thoufgh I've fallen into some parallell universe with peole who were part of my life some 20 years agi. I met a gut the other day who I last saw in Grade 6. Astonishingly enough, I recognised him, and he, me. This, after having spent the rest on my schooling career in three different schools all over the country. We really do come full circle sometimes.


Debi said...

Lovely to hear from you, Saaleha.

I sometimes feel there are only a handful of people in the world and we just keep recycling ourselves!

Liane Spicer said...

Fiction can't touch this stuff. You write that and some editor will lecture you about making the story believable.

Glad it all concluded on such a positive note.

steve redwood said...

deserted you for a long time (life, th euniverse, 42 , and all that) suddenly thought 'Debi!!!' (yep, the three!!! kinda filled the small space that is my mind) and found this rather nice little story. Will try to do more cartching up in next few weeks. You don't seem to have changed much...

Debi said...

Steve, Steve, Steve! I've gone all squeaky and excited!

Right - off to email you now ...