Monday, May 25, 2009

Past, present and future. Tense

The old days

Cookers with eye level grills, one large oven and a useful storage area at the bottom

Fridges that have freezer boxes and have to be defrosted but do actually keep food cold.

Crisps in 3 flavours - ready salted, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar.

Video machines that can only be programmed by techy boffins with enormous brains - or anyone under the age of 15.


Cookers with low grills so burnt toast is a foregone conclusion.

Low energy fridges - that are only marginally cooler than the cooker (see above)

A bewildering array of crisps with flavours including mature cheddar cheese and caramelised sweet red onion, organic sea salt and Indonesian cracked black peppercorns ... and what is it with Thai sweet chili???

Video machines have come and gone with an entire generation never getting to grips with the technology.

As you may gather from the above, I'm attempting to look back, round and forward all at the same time, without getting dizzy or developing a crick in my neck or resembling the girl in the Exorcist.

I've had it with looking back for a while now that I've come to the end of the Revo Blog.

Looking round tells me that there's lots going on that I really should be sharing - but haven't yet.

And looking forward tells me that my blog is in desperate need of a new look!
I'm working on it ...