Friday, October 03, 2008

I've changed

Not my underwear.
I mean, that's hardly news.
(More recently than they have. Remember this?)

And not my personality.
Getting a bit late for that now.

No, I'm referring to the way I write.
Y'see, I'd noticed that I was doing more on my WIP while sitting on the tube going to see dad or in the park when the kids were playing footie than when I supposedly had a whole day to concentrate on it.

It's all your fault.
Don't deny it.
You're distracting me with your bleedin' bloggin'.
You're writing posts that make me think. Or laugh. You force me to comment.

I know you're not going to stop, so if you won't change, I will.
New year ... new plan.
I'll check my emails and post on my own blog and do anything else urgent that requires me to stare at a screen and then I'm going to close the laptop down and write in longhand as I did when I first started writing Nirvana Bites.
The adrenalin is really flowing with this latest book and it's coming faster than I can get the words on the page.
I'm loving that energy and the insistence that I make this a priority.

It's not just my WIP urging me to make this shift.
My body is telling me too.
My back's knackered from too many hours hunched over a steaming keyboard (from which most of the letters have been rubbed off resulting in some interesting typos).
It's taken a while but at last my brain has caught up with my spine.

I know I can't expect people to keep coming here if I don't return the favour and I'll really miss being involved with what's going on with all of you.
I'll try to visit as often as I can, but meantime ... hush ... can you hear that? My WIP is calling.


Minx said...

Longhand? Eeeeek! That means keeping in the lines and everything!

Debi said...

True, Minxy, but I doubt if anyone other than me could decipher my scrawl. Still - less typos ...

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Yep, I know this feeling well - except the writing by longhand. Wozzat?

Debi said...

'Tis the only way, Ab Van. For me, at any rate ...

leslie said...

I tend to like longhand.
Do you have a paper style, and writing instrument of preference?
I actually like pencil on a white legal pad, college ruled, with no margin line.
And an electric pencil sharpener.

The excitement of having something that you feel compelled to write is intoxicating. I am getting a contact high from you...smoked fish?