Monday, July 24, 2006

Normal service may - or may not - be resumed ...

Sorry, folks, but I have a b-i-g problem.

My computer's been attacked by a Trojan horse (no links as I'm dodging popups just to post). I dealt with the generic 2 version last week but now it's mutated into generic 3 and my anti-virus has spotted it but can't heal or move it. I've done the disabling system restore, run 4 different kinds of system checks, downloaded umpteen different anti-viral thingys and spent 4.5 hrs on this so far today. And still the scumbag's in there.

I'm very freaked I'm afraid. (Afraid being the appropriate word.) It's like finding this wonderful new playground with all these new mates and then having it snatched away. It also feels like a real violation - like being attacked in your own home. I'm sorry - I know this sounds melodramatic and that there are far worse things happening in the world but as Bob Marley said, 'Who feels it knows it ...'

Meanwhile, I shouldn't really be online at all. The best secnario seems to be that I have to wipe my computer clean and start all over again. I'm not a techy and I'm utterly overwhelmed. Don't think I can do this alone but can't afford to pay - especially as the scumbag is probably draining my credit card to the max as I type.

I'm really sorry - won't be able to post again 'til this is sorted somehow. Also have problems answering emails and won't be able to check out all your blogs.

This shit has snapped my lifeline ...


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with resolving it, Debi.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Debi, reformatting isn't all that bad, just make sure to back up your next bestseller first - it's all that matters really :)

Unknown said...

Sent for cavalry Debi, they should be along soon!!
It they fail to turn up because they're in the pub, then I would agree with what Skint says - you have backed up, haven't you?

Anonymous said...

Keep at it Alper and get the professionals in.

I once had a prob and called on an old school friend who had this memory stick thing dangling around his neck.

He plugged it in to my box thingy and moments later, "Hey Bistro". (I'm a foodie, so please let me off on that one!) More moments later, he endured my own "chef quisine". "Chicken a la pales into insignificance."

But he did see off my virus intrusion on the basis of one pale (seemingly) edible breast.

I call that magic, technophobe that I am.

I hope you get sorted soon, Debi!


crimefic (she of limited IT and cooking skills)

Maxine Clarke said...

Hope things get sorted, Debi (and I hope I'm not the cavalry to whom Minx refers, as I know little about IT).
It is awful to be without the blogging lifeline -- once Typepad was down, and another couple of times recently the Internet has been too slow to post, and I have felt isolated.
I hope things do get sorted but call me if you want some moral (if not very technical!) support!

all my best

Anonymous said...

Hope you get fixed Debi, without too much expense or hassle.

Like the new playground idea, I shall go behind the bushes and stamp on the headmistress's plants until it sorted.

All the best until it's sorted.

Unknown said...

Right, I'm back with the Domestos, says on the bottle that it kills 99% of all germs - should do the trick then.
But hang on, where is everyone? Oh yes, I forgot, stuck in the lift because Blogger won't let them up to the top floor - again!!

Marie said...

Hope you get it all sorted out soon, Debi.