Monday, September 15, 2014

#FoW14 in pictures

In previous years, I've live-blogged the Festival of Writing in York. This year, I've decided to let my photos do the talking.There are plenty more on Twitter on the hashtag #FoW14 and on @festivalwriting's profile. I will add more as I come across them.

Emma Darwin and I re-hashed our double act for the self-edit mini course.
Here's Emma - using chalk!

  Cathy Bramley, who says her life was changed by the online self-edit course

My FoW14 slogan

Workshop attendees wrestling with clich├ęs

York wouldn't be York without at least one duck photo

 The view from my bedroom window

 Gala dinner

Shelley Harris and Jo Unwin announcing the results of the Opening Chapter competition

Joanna Cannon, winner of Friday Night Live and runner up in the Opening Chapter competition

Sara Green, winner of the Opening Chapter competition

All hail to the wonderful 1-1 guardians. 

Because everyone knows writers need cake
Photo by Imran Siddiq

 Some of the awesome team assembled by Writers' Workshop 
Massive shout out to Laura and Nikki who don't get nearly enough credit.
Without them, there would be no FoW. 

 Agent table tennis (no, I'm not quite sure why either)
featuring Sam Copeland and Chris Wellbelove, with Juliet Mushens keeping score

These lucky writers have just discovered the magic of Psychic Distance

 I met an empath at FoW14. And her book rocks. (T-shirt's good too.)

 With JK - she's the one with proper proportions. 
I'm the one who apparently has a huge head and teensy body

 Katherine Hetzel and Jody Klaire 
- the only authors who offer Welsh cakes as well as books

Aneeta Sundararaj came all the way from Malaysia for the festie

L-R: Mandy Berriman, John Taylor, yours truly and Rachael Dunlop

Cloudie alert! (Links are to Cloud profiles)
Front L-R: Squidge, Jody Klaire, BlueDiamondMist 

UPDATE: the official photos have now been posted on the Festival's Facebook page

And here's one of the photos of the online self-edit course alumni.  
Emma and I couldn't be more proud.

 Photo by NE David

And another - this one by our Squidge, who has posted yet more pix on her blog.

 Photo by Katherine Hetzel


Imran Siddiq Flickimp said...

Fabulous post.
I must get mine done too.

Once again - FoW was brilliant.
Always getting better and better each year.

So many new faces and old, and as always the buzz and thrill of people who love writing.

Debi's 121 with me opened my eyes to issues I often preach about myself.

I can't wait for next year to arrive.

Bring it on.

Kaz Ginnane said...

it looks fabulous! Is that lovely Aneeta from our SE course, Debi?? That's impressive dedication. Though hopefully I will trump her next year by coming from Australia...fingers crossed :-)

Older Mum said...

I came along for the first time in 2013.... Gave it a miss this year because I didn't feel quite ready, but I'm definitely returning in 2015!

Katherine Hetzel said...

Debi - I've got a pic of the self-edit course graduates...I'll post it on the Scribbles. Feel free to copy!

Aneeta Sundararaj said...

Loved being there. The effort (and expense) was so worth it!

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