Friday, November 02, 2007

I am here. Honestly.

Am I the only one who has these stupid problems with my emails?

I've just received one from someone concerned that I hadn't replied to their previous one a couple of weeks ago.

But I did!
It's in my sent items list.
And it didn't bounce back.

So does this explain why I haven't had any response to various urgent emails I've sent recently?
Did they not get through?
Or did the replies to me not get through?

How come I never seem to have problems receiving spam? Over 50 items a day of the stuff?

Bloody bloody bloody techy stupidity.

UPDATE: And now bloody Blogger won't let me play either! I've just wasted an entire morning trying to comment on other people's blogs - without success. Doh and double doh!


Anonymous said...

If you're trying to send emails to domains like excite or aol; you'd be better off just forgetting it.
As far as I can see both of them regard almost everything as spam and consign it to a black hole.
Any friends I have who use domains like this; I send them text messages instead.

Debi said...

Doesn't appear to be just one or two domains as far as I can see, John.

As for friends - I doubt if I'll have any left if this carries on.

Doh again ...